Crush: A Definition

Crush: A mysterious feeling that makes you either extremely happy or extremely conscious of your social skills.

Everyone had a crush before. Whether it’s the cute boy who lives next door or the sassy girl who sits in front of the class. You blush when they say something to you and your heart seems to race out of your chest when you see them from afar while you mentally prep yourself to say two letters…


As an individual who is normally known as the “quiet one” in class, those two letters seem especially hard to say. I must smile, put my hand up to wave, remember to breathe, all the while preventing my heart from jumping out of my chest. And it doesn’t help either when all your limited social skills suddenly decided to go on a vacation when you are trying to initiate a conversation.

Which makes me question the stories you always hear; how do you know that someone is “the one”?

Do your cheeks burst in to flames instead of just being red?

Or does your heart actually burst out of your chest?

Or does a magical talking lobster suddenly whispers in your ear “kiss the girl” before breaking out in a song number?

And what does it mean when you just focus on someone in the room? Like before you form a crush on them. You just enter the room and don’t know why but just focus on them. They are not exactly the most attractive or the most charming. In fact, you barely even heard them speak. But for some reason you just notice them.

And then when you have a normal conversation with them for the first time,

with just one look,


A crush.

So you scavenge what is left of your social skills and try to act normal but end up embarrassing yourself and never talk to them again.

But your brain brings it up in the middle of the night…

So you can’t sleep…

My Crush: A Definition.



What is your definition? 🙂





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