I got it.

It crashed into me.

I know what I want to do.

A job that I 100% love and 100% will have fun working hard to achieve.

I want to be a director.

The above sentence actually took a lot of hesitation to write. I already know my parents won’t like it. It doesn’t align with my current academic education. And I have a sea of uncertainty.

But I also have a whole lot of excitement.

And now that I have found the job that I feel – I mean know—is 100% tailored to me, I realized that I missed all the signs that have been screaming this job.

  1. I love to watch films.
    1. All kinds of films, from different countries, in different languages and different genres.
  2. I love analyzing films!
    1. It started as just a required class in high school but the analysis of books and film opened a new world for me. I began to find connections between the first line of the book to why the character betrayed his best friend. I found myself looking at each shot of the movie to find foreshadowing elements. I wrote out time stamps in movies for each of the motifs. And I was disappointed that I couldn’t share what I found with anyone.
  3. I have a note on my phone with story ideas
    1. This list includes dreams and just weird but interesting plots that I want to read about.
  4. I sometimes see music as my own music video.
    1. If I relate to a song, I begin to see a potential story line of a music video play in my head. I write it down and reread it from time to time.
    1. I remember one time in high school, we were analyzing Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde and when I found a connection through the psychoanalysis lens I drew a chart and was beyond excited to share my thoughts with my teacher.
  6. When my ideal job finally crashed into me despite all these signs, IT JUST FELT OH SO RIGHT!! THIS IS MY JOB AND I WANT IT!!

Don’t ever settle for safety and stability. Find a job that makes you feel ecstatic and elevated so that you will never feel the urge to procrastinate ever again.

I am so excited, I don’t know if I am able to sleep!!!



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