What Are Compliments?


I never really know how to receive them.

I never really know what to do with them period.

Sometimes you can just say thank you and it will pass just like summer vacation. Happy and short.

But other times, it just doesn’t feel right to say thank you. Like you accidently said good morning to a neighbor when it is clearly the evening.

Growing up, my parents aren’t really the type to praise me when I do something well because they are always busy. So I just assumed that I am supposed to do well. As a result, when I get good grades in school and get complimented, I often dismiss the compliments because I actually didn’t know they were compliments. I thought teachers just said that to everyone.

However, I realized that as I got older compliments aren’t easy to come by. Sometimes I would work my butt off for a project or an exam and I just don’t do as well as I wanted to. I would go home feeling discouraged, watch TV and just not work anymore.

At these times, a compliment is really needed.

Acknowledgment is really needed.

“Good job for staying focused when your friends are hanging out.”

“I am proud of you for staying on your study plan.”

Just a phrase like that can jump start anyone’s engine again.

A compliment is not a useless car kit you throw in the back of your trunk.

The compliments ARE the jump cables.

So I try my best and give myself a little pat on the back from time to time.

And I also don’t hesitate to give compliments when it is due.

You never know who is going to need it.


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