On the Flip Side of the Coin

“You’re short.” Yes. Yes I am. “You’re tiny.” Yes. Yes I know. “You’re 11!” No. No I am not. “You’re adorable!” Hmmm. Don’t know how I feel about that. “ You’re so cute! I just want to pinch your cheeks!” Um… Don’t you dare. These are common conversations that I have. No, really. People like… Continue reading On the Flip Side of the Coin

Chauffeur Epiphany

The past couple days have been a blur. I finished my last final of my junior year. I attended my brother’s high school graduation. And I basically became the chauffeur of my brothers as they finish off their school year. But as I chauffeured my brothers around to their after-school activities, it made me think… Continue reading Chauffeur Epiphany