Smile Like You Just Don’t Care

Good Morning Everyone! Everybody always says, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or “Everyone has different perceptions”. These are phrases that everyone agrees on and accept. However, not everyone has applied it to their life. Society has ingrained a level of “beauty” and expectations that every individual is supposed to have. But even… Continue reading Smile Like You Just Don’t Care

Jackson Wang: The Taste of Leadership

Throughout my education, I have always taken up “leadership roles”. Peer mentors, Vice President, secretary, etc… But I never really grasped what it meant to be a leader. What is it? Does it mean that you are the boss? Does that mean you do everything? Is it something you can eat? No, No, And no.… Continue reading Jackson Wang: The Taste of Leadership


For those who are not familiar with the term Cinderella in basketball; it refers to teams who play unexpectedly well. And yesterday, a 16 seed team (UMBC) won against a 1 seed team (UVA)! ** For those not familiar with basketball; a seed is similar to a ranking system and is implemented so the top… Continue reading U MUST BE CINDERELLA!! (UMBC)